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Our Freeware: Ordner
Ordner is a UNICODE program that keeps JPEG photos in order, using multiple hierarhical categories and auto-categories (EXIF tags are supported).

Ordner main window

Information about the pictures is written into an XML file that is always kept together with the pictures and thumbnails. Comments and any number of categories can be assigned to each picture. Multiple hierarhical category trees help to keep track of when and where the picture was shot, to create albums, to mark favourites, etc. Advanced filtering capabilities allow to find pictures matching specified categories.

CDs can also be catalogued for off-line thumbnail browsing.

Export function allows creating template based HTML albums, autorun CDs with Ordner and its database, backup copies of pictures and database, etc.

This software was created with the help of wxWidgets and uses libEXIF and Expat libraries and FOOOD's icons. At the moment, only Windows build is available, but it can be ported eventually.

  • Monitoring of specified folders for new and changed pictures and background thumbnail extraction.

  • Ordering pictures according to hierarhical categories. Multiple categories can be assigned to each picture. Category data, user comments and thumbnails are always kept together with pictures. For categories, customizable icons are used.

  • EXIF data support.

  • [New] Auto-categories. Built-in: new, modified, lost, comments. File properties: date, size, type. EXIF: original date, user-defined.

  • Filter that allows any combination of categories.

  • Thumbnail tab with variable thumbnail sizes and preview.

  • Multiple tabs for single picture views and slideshows. Direct control over slide-show delay.

  • Lossless JPEG transformations: rotation, mirroring and flipping.

  • Multi-rename tool.

  • [New] Catalogs of removable-media: CDs, DVDs, etc.

  • Export tool supporting resizing, stripping meta-information, creating template based HTML albums, creating multi-volume autorun CDs with picture albums and Ordner itself with its database.

    Ordner export dialog

  • Full UNICODE support.

  • [New] Multi-language support, at the moment: English, Russian, German.

  • [New] Quick find for categories.

  • [New] Drag and drop folders with pictures from explorer.

  • [New] Preferences dialog.

    Ordner preferences dialog

  • [New] Full-screen mode.

  • Needs no installation, modifies only its own directory and writes XML data and thumbnails into _ordner_ subfolders of picture folders.
Windows, self-extracting 7-zip archive:

04.02.2008 Version 1.10

To install, run and select a folder, where Ordner sub-folder will be automatically created.
Changelog PAD file

Flags of 21 countries that can be used for customizing Ordner categories. Icons 16x16, self-extracting 7-zip archive:

04.02.2008 Version 1.10

To use with Ordner extract into sub-folder Ordner\icons.

Previous versions
09.11.2006 Version 1.0 PAD file

You can report bugs and suggestions to  

We may implement features which we will find interesting.

Your contributions are also welcome. We will publish nice 16x16 icons for customizing Ordner categories as well as HTML album templates.

If you want to translate the program to your language or to create a build for another platform, please contact us.

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